The Bands

The Band comprises six main groups. The 'A' Band, supported by the training groups of 'B' Band; 'C' Band, the 'D' Band and, existing as required, the 'E'' Bands and Recorder classes for 5-7 year olds. We welcome applications to join the Band, from absolute beginners as well as from players with experience. Experienced brass band players will always be welcomed, but our membership, lessons for beginners, instruments, and uniforms are all provided – free of charge - for those who wish to join us. No member of the Band receives payment of any kind for their services. Lessons can now be provided during the afternoon, by arrangement, but are more usually timetabled from 7 pm most evenings of the week, and are intended to help you to become a member of one or other of our Band groups, progressing in due course from beginner towards our “A” Band. If you would like to find out more please contact us for further details.

A Band

B Band

C Band

D Band

E Band