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01. Prelude for an Occasion Gregson
02. A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square
Maschwitz & Sherwin
03. Rhapsody for Euphonium (Featuring Trevor Groom) Curnow
04. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair (Featuring Trevor Groom) .Foster
 05. When I'm Sixty-four Lennon & McCartney
06. Bohemian Rhapsody Mercury
07. Aspects of Andrew Lloyd Webber .Lloyd Webber
Euphonium Concerto (Featuring Trevor Groom:)
08. Moderato
09. Lento
10. Con Moto
11. Bugler's Holiday (Solosits: Trevor Groom, Becky Way, Helen Bass) Anderson
12. Can Can Offenbach
13. Solemn Overture: 1812 Tchaikovsky